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vineyard facts at a glance

Aitken's Folly (3.0 hectares)

Location: Wanaka, Central Otago, NZ
Grape: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
Soil: Fluvial and glacial outwash channels, ranging from sandy soils to cobble sized conglomerates
Exposure: Gently undulating
Pinot Noir: Mix of Abel, 667 and clone 5, cropping at around 5 tonnes/Ha

Chardonnay: 100% clone 548, one of the great Corton Charlemagne clones and the only wine in NZ to be made purely from it
Age: Planted 2009
History: Named after an ex colleague of Fiona suggested that what we were about to do amounted to a foolish move, a Folly by any other name
Style: There is an acceptance that each vintage will be different due to seasonal climate variations and developing vines - these natural variations overprint a fruit driven palette of flavours, producing wines which honour both the unique terroir and vine origins

What The Map Means: The map reflects both where we are now and where we come from. The snapshot is after the first ever geological map of Otago, drawn by a Scottish geologist, James Hector in 1864 and contains both where we live now (Pembroke, or Wanaka) and where we originally came from, Newcastle. In our minds it neatly ties up our past and present, England, Scotland and New Zealand, with a little geology thrown in for good measure